I feel like 2½ million bucks!

A website tells me I am worth $2,491,678.00.

P-shaw! Rubbish! I'm worth a lot more than that!

But input your data and lemme know what they think you are worth.

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Blogger k_sra said...

BTW, as a man (with an average penis length, all other info remaining the same) I am worth about $200,000.00 more than I am worth now. Sad really. I woulda thought two boobs were worth more than one dick.

But then, what do I know?

28/3/05 16:05  
Blogger Worldgineer said...

I'm $2,804,630.00 - about your worth had you a penis. Of course this is all a meaningless ploy for marketing information*. For what it's worth, I tried a run of all random information. The 15 year old high-income asian gentleman I pretended to be was worth just over $200,000. Perhaps his 10" penis lowered his value.

* Hint: Use a made-up e-mail address. They'll still give you your worth. If you've already entered your e-mail address, you can try going to their Privacy page and clicking on the link to remove your info. Of course, they've likely already sold your e-mail address and marketing info to hundreds of other online companies. (who? me? pessimistic?)

28/3/05 17:13  
Blogger waugsqueke said...

I came in at $650,000. Not sure how to take that.

31/3/05 07:01  
Blogger Lukas Abrhm said...

2.579 mil. ooo. and i smoke drink and smoke. well latee dah. little do they know i inhale paint fumes and huff gasoline;)

(keep on sniffin til yr brain goes pop, keep on sniffin til yr brain goes pop.)

1/4/05 00:08  
Blogger Daryk Jozef Havlicek said...

You are worth exactly $1,852,254.00

Lukas, I hate you.

5/4/05 11:09  
Blogger John McAdams said...

I'm not sure what jacked mine up...lemme see...nope, not gonna say it...

13/4/05 08:42  

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