Anonymous barnzenen said...

Alright, another word for Nose-picking... good. Now try this one: Sphygmomanometer. You've used one, or had someone use one on you, a couple of times I'm sure.

18/8/05 09:13  
Blogger k_sra said...

Uh, that word's not right. It's like the love child of sphincter and egomaniacal.

My mom has one of those. When I visit her I check my BP every couple of minutes. I have great blood pressure.

*wolf whistle* "Check out the diastolic on that one!"

18/8/05 11:43  
Anonymous barnzenen said...

All this time I've only thought they were called Blood Pressure Cuffs, never knew they had an 'official' name. Someone sprung it on me just recently and I was confused.

19/8/05 08:29  

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