Stuff + Cat = Awesome

Wanna see a bunch of cats putting up with stacks of boxes or ill-fitting clothes put on them? Go here.
Helps if you are slightly disoriented or giddy.

(creds to Tara for the link.)

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Blogger J.a.G. said...

ha ha ha! poor kitties. i used to dress up my cat and take it out in a baby carriage (when i was a kid that is)

3/9/05 14:53  
Blogger k_sra said...

Yes, as I recall we did that to our dear moggies also. Good times, huh? : )

3/9/05 16:10  
Blogger Bern the pie crust said...

AAAAAAAAAA! It's my worst nightmare coming true!

3/9/05 16:31  
Blogger J.a.G. said...

i usually walked away with war wounds.

3/9/05 20:36  

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