And The Winner Is!

After much camel-like indecision and waiting, I have selected a winner for this month's (year's, week's) caption contest!

First Place Winner, to receive an autographed e-copy of the post written on his last birthday, is lostdog!

His winning entry:

After a long period of inactivity, the camels were slowly re-absorbed back into the wilderness, leaving only a small hillock behind.

Runners up were:

me with
"The camels looked away innocently as once more the dog took the blame."

Steve with
"Even after he'd been diagnosed with emphysema, Joe Camel refused to quit smoking."

and Blanche d'Almonde with
"Face it. This dry ice is just not creating the mystique you're looking for, Lawrence."

Thanks all for playing along and stay tuned for more.

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Blogger honestus said...

how did you come up with the winning line... The engineer in me wants to give logic to this conundrum.

8/3/06 15:32  
Blogger lostdog said...

That's odd - the engineer in me just wants to build a tiny Fantastic Voyage-type submarine so he can make good his escape from my innards.

Can't believe I won! (personally, I must admit I preferred Blanche's "dry ice" caption, but hey - I'm not the judge. As a further digression, I think you might have got her name wrong. I think it's "d'al monde" rather than "d'almonde". Probably not a big deal, but I did once have a friend who used to eat "man get out" instead of "mange tout")

Slight problem, though - not quite sure when my last birthday's going to be. Hopefully not for a good few years yet.

8/3/06 17:37  
Anonymous normzone said...

The engineer in me wants to help pick the red corpuscles off of Raquel Welch's form-fitting bloodstream diving suit.

8/3/06 19:14  
Blogger k_sra said...

There's no logic, honestus. I just see which one makes me laugh most at the time. It is completley and horrifyingly arbitrary to my mood. I used to runa gallup poll in the office, but they fired me from that job.

lostdog, I'm good for it, you just let me know...

normzone, you're a very useful sort of person to have in a pinch I am sure.

9/3/06 15:44  

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