Parachuting 101

I don't know anything about parachuting. I've never been parachuting. I've never even been parasailing. Heck, I've never been para-anything before. So I turned to google image search for answers.

I learned that:

1) Parachuting can be enjoyed naked. (Those with weak stomachs should look away.)
2) Parachuting is fun for everyone.
3) Antique parachutes are pyramidal.
4) Old and young enjoy the parachute game.
5) Always wear pink when jumping en masse.

Random photo of the day.

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Blogger Brian said...

Sorry you had to repost your comments, but I'm glad you did.

Thanks for stopping by. : )

Oh, and I like the bubble picture.

27/5/04 19:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the naked skydiving picture. I wonder if fake breasts would look different.

28/5/04 12:41  

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