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This interesting little bit of entertainment I globbed off of calum's site. There is something I find oddly serene about those serious drums being pounded by little japanese animated figures wearing robes and headphones(?). It reminds me of something... I can't quite put my finger on it. A field of short people banging drums with their heads... Hmmm, thinking thinking. It reminds me of childhood. Did I ever bang on drums with my head as a child? I used to perform in a hand bell choir. Often equally amusing and frequently less rhythmic. We did not wear little robes or headphones(?). We did wear gloves though. Heehee. Little cheap white gloves, if I'm not mistaken. And I highlighted my notes in yellow so that I could be sure not to miss them. Good ol' A and A flat. Not to mention an occasional accidental note if the music called for it. Nothing like a room full of middle schoolers with hand bells to bring on a teacher's headache. I think I saw my Aunt slip an aspirin after we were through with her.

Why are there little drummers on calum's site? Any guesses?

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Blogger honest + popular said...

weirdly peaceful. I am moving to (where is it?) and will start banging my head on a drum.

all day.

26/4/05 17:09  

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