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Everytime I link to Mari, the intrepid Finnlander, she either links to me or responds to my questions. I find this particularly charming. Especially since I can't understand what she's saying behind my back. She could be disabusing me to her Finnish friends for all I know. But she still responds. So here I go again, linking to Mari in the hopes that she will come back and write to me. In English. Here's a little note for Mari:

Dear Mari,
If you can read this please tell me how you would say in Finnish, "You Learn Something New Almost Every Day." Could you please translate this for me and tell me how to pronounce it? Thank you.
Your new friend,
P.S. What does "SUN ÄITIS SUOSITTELEE" mean in English?

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Blogger Mari said...

Opit jotain uutta joka päivä.

Sun äitis suosittelee means your mom recommends.

22/7/05 03:08  
Blogger k_sra said...

Thanks, Mari! I knew you would help me! : )

22/7/05 14:52  
Blogger Sun äitis said...

Hi there!
This is Sun äitis speaking. I'm an active commentator in the Finnish blog scene. I award that green button to the blogs that I think are worth it (the picture was originally "stolen" from an ice cream add and modified to fit my needs).

I have now glanced through some of your entries and I have found them to be quite interesting. So, you deffinetly have the right to place Sun äitis suosittelee -button on your page.

23/7/05 03:33  
Blogger k_sra said...

Thanks, Sun äitis! I'll put it with my Llama!

25/7/05 10:36  

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