Pizza Delivery Stories

You can read 'em yourself.

I liked #58.

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Blogger Worldgineer said...

Quite a few involves someone naked answering the door, often with several more naked people behind them, and occasionally they are asked to join in the orgy. I wonder if these are the stories that pizza guys sit around telling eachother when business is slow.

18/1/06 17:56  
Blogger Steve DeGroof said...

Well, having sex works up an appetite and pizza's one of the few foods you can order while naked.

18/1/06 20:11  
Blogger half said...

Some of those do come across as though they might be fantasy, but I had a roommate once who relayed some similar stories about women answering the door scantily clad (or worse...uh, better?).

My only significant pizza delivery story is not my own, but that of a friend. She was abducted and shortly thereafter murdered while working as a pizza delivery driver. A little too real.

20/1/06 00:39  

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