Cold Snap

Cleveland hit its record high temperature for the Summer this week: 96 F.
We all complained and many suffered through a long, hot night with no electricity because we all had our A.C. on at the same time and blew a collective fuse. Me, I suffered through the attic heat for as long as I could, because I like that bed the best, but by 3am I gave up and trudged half-drunk with sleep and heat exhaustion to the welcoming arms of a cooler room downstairs.

If you're feeling the heat today, take a peek at this super cold destination: Harbin Snow and Ice Festival. Aaah! That's nice!

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Blogger honestus said...

me wanna go there.

19/7/06 16:01  
Anonymous uncle jim said...

wow - i've been to a winter festival in minneapolis and buffalo - this beats them by a power of 10 ... at least
and now i need to find the bblankets i put away a few months ago

19/7/06 18:09  
Blogger Afro Assault said...


Only 96?

22/7/06 02:31  

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