Hum a little ditty

Tuesdays, you know, once they start, they just don't stop till it's Saturday or something. So far mine has included two long-distance errands, informing someone they will probably be deported and learning that the handsome flirt from England was detained in his home country because of HIV. What a day. Here's a song you can put on in the background of your workstation and replay (and replay and replay). It's on loop in fact, but it took me four minutes to figure that out. Those clever Japanese!

How have you all been?

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Anonymous uncle jim - its 'baggo'-birds said...

how have we all been?
i assure you - we are all much better everytime you get back online and give us something to do ... so don't stay away so long in between ...
i thought the loop is in chicago?!?

18/7/06 19:17  
Blogger Worldgineer said...

How have I been? Just spinning green onions and singing merry tunes. I've been doing well. Then again, any day I'm not deported or detained with HIV is a good day.

19/7/06 17:12  
Blogger El Fid said...

I don't think that little animation gal knows all the words...

19/7/06 17:53  

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