Words I Don't Know: 'L'

Let's have a little fun with 'L' shall we? I always get on here and rattle off the words I don't know from my tiny pocket dictionary, so here's a chance to have a little bit more fun with it. I'll give you a few definitions and you guess what the word it is. Each begins with the letter 'L'. It won't be difficult, but you might be surprised at how the dictionary people jump through hoops to avoid using the word itself. Write down your answers to see how you did. Answers in the annos.

1. A delicate fabric in a web like pattern.

2. The front part of a seated person from the lower trunk to the knees.

3. A device that produces highly amplified coherent light.

4. To produce sounds expressive of mirth or derision.

5. Of, at or on the side of the body that faces north when the subject is facing east.

6. Bits of fiber and fluff.

7. To cause to sleep, soothe

8. To execute without due process of law.

And here are the words I actually don't know:

lacuna: an empty space or missing part.
lambent: flickering lightly over a surface, OR effortlessly brilliant, OR gently glowing, luminous.
lea: a meadow.
limpid: crystal clear, transparent

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Blogger gnomethang said...


3/9/06 14:54  
Anonymous Gobe (too lazy to login) said...

I agree with gnome on all fronts, except:
5 - Left
8 - Lynch

Also, I thought 2 was "loins" at first.

4/9/06 03:34  
Blogger gnomethang said...

Your'e right (whichever Gober you are!). Dunno why I went for Lateral and I dunno why I didn't get lynch (although we don't go in for that sort of stuff in South East England ;-)

4/9/06 14:07  
Blogger k_sra said...

Yes, lynching is a bit localized I suspect. Gobe gets top marks for getting them all correct! Congrats you clever bug you!

5/9/06 12:23  

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