The Longest Day

Now that we are in winter here in Cleveland, I begin wondering when I'll see the sun again and this gets me thinking about how even though these days have been some of the most hellishly long days of my life (for personal reasons) according to the sun, they are also the shortest days of the year. So, when's the longest and shortest days again for dear, old Cleveland? They change annually, but we'll go with most recent. Here they are:

Longest ~ June 21, 2006
Shortest ~ December 22, 2006

Technically these are called Summer and Winter Solstice (and I can't help noting the latter falls on my Mother's Birthday!).

I think countries up at the poles have the longest recorded spans of sunlight and darkness, but I have no idea what they are and frankly I don't care. But someone (I'm not going to guess who, but) someone will find these crucial pieces of information for me so I don't have to lift a mouse finger. I know it!

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Anonymous Andrew said...

Hi again from South Africa and hope things will go better for you in the new year. Yes, the closer you are to the poles, the more extreme day and night will be. I guess the city with the shortest and longest day is Murmansk in Russia which is the only city in the Artic Circle -it would have a period of no day in winter, and no night in summer. Here in Cape Town, we have having quite long days now as we head to 22 December -light by 5.30AM and dark again only at 8.30PM

Sending you some warmth from here then

10/12/06 11:09  
Blogger k_sra said...

Thanks, Andrew! At least somebody around here is bristling with useful information... : )

arofr: a roll on floor reading

18/12/06 10:24  

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