Blanket Battles

Are you and your better half fighting over the sheets? The issue can now be resolved with the use of measured bedclothes. No more can you (or your S.O.) claim you haven't hogged more than your fair share. A ruler with hot to cold indicator numbers (meant to be read from inside the bed) now puts the argument to rest, so to speak. Now if they'd only manufacture the sheet itself in mood indicating fabric you could also evaluate how cold the bed becomes when you prove your loved one is in the wrong.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

An in-bed ruler… just the thing to make sure you're partner is giving you your fair share. But why does it go up to 80 cm? I think that 30 cm would be a more-than-adequate measurement range. Of course, to really ensure satisfaction, the bed should be equipped with a timer.

7/3/07 11:16  
Blogger k_sra said...

a timer! HAHA! Good one. : )

8/3/07 08:12  

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