Words I Don't Know: 'N'

I combed the "N" section of the pocket-sized dictionary I owned, trying to cull the words that to this point in my life had eluded me. This was all I came up with:

neonate: a baby four weeks or younger.

That's it. That's everything.

Now, on the other hand there are plenty of words that I like such as nefarious and nepotism. Got any favorites from the letter "N"?

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Blogger Barry said...

Niece is my favourite, but then i do like nepotism, too.

27/2/07 05:58  
Blogger k_sra said...

Niece is a lovely word, but not one that I have the privilege of using as of yet for myself. Nephews, on the other hand! : )

How about narcolepsy? That's a weird disorder as well as a cool word.

27/2/07 14:50  
Blogger Barry said...

I know someone who fell asleep while waiting for his brother.
Strangely he was actually straddling a motor bike whilst parked at the side of the main road at the time.
The man could sleepfor England!.

28/2/07 14:55  
Blogger dysprositos said...

Nieces and nepotism just seem to go together. Nonetheless, no narcoleptic nancy-boy is a nephew of mine.

I'm nutters about nuggies, and I can natter on to nearly next week about Noir, nog, nosh or Nessie.

1/3/07 00:07  

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