North Dakota

Did you know...

...the capital is Bismarck
...it's the birthplace of Angie Dickinson, Phil Jackson and Lawrence Welk
...17th largest state
...milk is the official state beverage
...the town of Rugby is the geographical center of North America (a 15 foot obelisk marks the spot)
...the town of Rutland cooked the World's Largest Hamburger weighing 3,591 lbs, feeding 10,000 (now been surpassed by an 8,000 lb burger, I believe...gross!)
...grows more sunflowers than any other state, but the state flower is the wild prairie rose
...the all time high was 121º F at Steele on July 6, 1936
...the all time low was -60ºF at Parshall on Febraury 15, 1936

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