The Empty Space and You

I've been a little busy of late, adjusting tags on my old posts. So if things seem slow here on the front end, it is because I am tinkering with the guts of the blog.
Also, I have a new (old) site on wordpress waiting for me to spur it on to greater things. (Have I mentioned it before? Only two years ago!)My new glorious web address is ksrasra.com. What could be simpler or more refined than that? Nothing, I tell you. And right now, nothing is exactly what I have posted over there.
Before I blaze trails and haul my worthy readers to a new site, I thought I would ask you all, what would you like to see on the new site? Are there features of YLSN(a)ED that you like, features you don't like? I'm asking your opinion. You don't even have to be a regular reader. Your vote counts!

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Blogger Worldgineer said...

Hmmm.... features. Yes, those sound nice. But don't forget about the learning of new things.

6/2/07 20:19  
Anonymous uncle jim said...

this has really caused some effort to reply with so little in the way of comments ... there has always been such an eclectic collection of miscellany that I find it hard to differentiate keepers from non. boy, the best way to find out is to do what you darn well feel like doing, and then we'll all come out of the woodwork complaining about what you've left out and asking "why in the world did you keep this?"

9/2/07 20:26  
Blogger k_sra said...

Well, these are fine comments. I will not neglect the learning of new things, World. Likewise, Jim, I will expect to hear from my reader's "as we go" regarding features of the blog they would like to see.

bajoey: a fake sneeze

12/2/07 12:32  

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