T-shirt Envy

You know those sites all over the internet with the "cool" t-shirts with their "hep" slogans and cynical sayings? Well, I generally like the idea and very rarely covet the application. But yesterday I met my match in a light blue t-shirt (great start) with one of the best decals I'd ever seen. Peep this:

That's just awesome! And I want to get this one for my nephew, but he's still a little small for it.

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Blogger Tara said...

Shopping cart bobsledding. Very nice! :)

30/1/07 12:45  
Blogger Daniel said...

I have "Go, Japan!" on my desktop now. No, I've changed my desktop graphic to the moon kite one. It's a fun link.

30/1/07 12:53  
Blogger Austin Girl said...

my favorite shirts are from ww.thinkgeek.com (i don't work there or know any one who works there) but every time i need to buy my geek a shirt i go pick one out.

30/1/07 13:17  
Blogger Steve DeGroof said...

Wasn't there a shopping cart racing competition just a couple days ago? I think it's called the Idiotarod. Can't remember where it was. New York, possibly.

30/1/07 13:56  
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