I have a new ailment that amuses me no end: twitching. My eyelid twitches. Not constantly. Only occasionally. But it is rather amusing to try to have a serious conversation when one eye is in convulsions. I try not to laugh. Maybe the other person will thinking I'm winking repeatedly very quickly.

[UPDATE: my twiTch is hiding from me. It spasms all day, at various times, but NEVER when I am looking in a mirror. I've tried to catch it working it's twitchy magic on my face, but no matter how spasmodically it was tweaking my eyelid, the instant I stare at it it becomes calm as the dead sea! It's laughing at me. That or I have a very calming effect on myself...]

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Blogger mymotech said...

Eyes gonna twitch forever.

Yes, welcome to the weird maladies caused by our real american past time. Stress.

19/1/07 01:03  
Anonymous AO said...

Anyone can experience the amusement of eye twitches--just eat too much calcium and not enough magnesium. (But, don't over-do it, or you might get heart twitches, which aren't so amusing.)

19/1/07 10:59  
Blogger Tara said...

I've never noticed someone else's eyelid twitching before, but you've given me something else to laugh at about myself when I get the next eyelid twitch. :) They don't hurt, they just feel weird.

I've seen a girl's lip twitch one time while she was trying out for a solo at college. I didn't laugh, though, cuz I was already nervous about my own solo tryout.

19/1/07 11:04  
Anonymous lostdog said...

Tara's got a good point - what feels like a facial earthquake to you is probably barely perceptible to anyone else.

I get mad twitchy-eye flutterings (to use the correct medical term) sometimes myself. No-one's ever remarked on it, and mostly I just enjoy being creeped out little a bit by the weirdness of the sensation. Like a mild electrical storm around the eye, or something. It sort of tickles, in a not wholly unpleasant kind of way.

That said, I bet that's how Dr Strangelove's condition started...

19/1/07 19:09  
Anonymous other sarah said...

I've had that happen before-- still get it on occasion. As someone else said, once you do see it in a mirror, you'll realize it's barely noticeable.

Besides, the person you're talking to is probably worried that you're noticing their nostril-flare twitches and ear-wiggling twitches, so it all evens out in the end.

21/1/07 12:37  

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