Puzzle Me

Apparently, my word puzzles are easier than trash to pick out, so I'm throwing this whole genre wide open to my adorable public. You have a better word puzzle idea? (and for the sake of sanity, we will limit the entries to four pictures or less) Email it to me at ksrasra AT gmail DOT com. I will post them on Fridays for the amusement of all our readers!

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Blogger Steve DeGroof said...


2/2/07 21:10  
Anonymous uncle jim said...

do you live on this site?
you leave no opportunity for the rest of us to post our answer.
and how can we be sure there's no colluding going on here. after all, we all know k has a soft for you.

3/2/07 14:24  
Anonymous lostdog said...

Or they could be the same person...

3/2/07 19:28  
Blogger k_sra said...

Well, now, not so fast uncle jim and lostdog, Steve was wrong. It's actually hairpiecesodatrousers.

And uncle jim, maybe if you would live on this site I might "have a soft" for you too. : )

Lostdog, I commend you if you got pants instead of trousers. I realize that some of these pictures have to be translated from English into English.

5/2/07 08:12  
Blogger Steve DeGroof said...

//do you live on this site?//

Naw, this is just one of the blogs I have on RSS feed. I get an alert when a new blog post is created.

//we all know k has a soft for you//

A soft what? Soft drink? Soft serve ice cream? Soft shel crab? Hmm, is it dinner time yet?


Didn't they do "Incense and Peppermints"?

5/2/07 14:50  
Anonymous uncle jim said...

stevie, baby:
"...a soft for you"
sounds like a puzzle to me ... what do you think, really? I mean, "Soft drink" and "Soft serve ice cream" and "Soft shell crab" hardly do a set-up like that justice. After all, she is the Queen of k_sra, wherever that is.

6/2/07 19:52  

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