Words I Don't Know: 'M'

From the pages of my dainty 35,000 word pocket dictionary:

mantilla: a scarf or short cape (of mantle)

martinet: a strict disciplinarian

meretricious: related to prostitution

militate: (I read the definition and I still don't know what it means.)

minuend: a number from which a subtrahend is to be subtracted

moot: (I did not know this definition: see adjective) open to debate, questionable

multiplicand: a number that is to be multiplied by another

mycology: study of fungi

myna (mynah) : Asian starling

Bonus points to anyone who will write a short story using all these words in the densest possible fashion (dense meaning closely packed together, not stupid... although that could be fun, too!)

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Blogger El Fid said...

The usually martinet myna arrived at the moot sporting a meritricious mantilla that militated against the spirit of the mycology association. This caused a multiplicand to be replaced with a minuend in the meeting minutes.

13/2/07 21:54  
Blogger k_sra said...

El Fid, you swept all the bonus points possible! You now have 12,380 bonus points collected! I don't know what theya re good for, but you could probably trade them in for a baguete or a bowl of chili or something. : )

16/2/07 08:14  

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