Las Vegas Elopement 411

This is terribly romantic...
But then, I'm a sucker for poor decisions. : )
Happy Valentine's, everybody!

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Blogger Tara said...

Right back atcha, Sarah. I hope you had a Happy "Pink and Red Decorations Everywhere" Day too!

15/2/07 15:56  
Blogger uncle jim said...

I actually stood-up for a couple at one of these Vegas places ... it sure was a quickie wonder ... downtown to the marriage license place, appt at the wedding chapel for the ceremony, show-up before the rent-a-minister, sign a few legal papers, and the whole thing was over quicker that I could imagine and it was off to the party / celebration. The bride and groom had already been together for 7 years and decided it was time to legalize the whole thing.

15/2/07 20:50  
Blogger k_sra said...

Tara, mostly there was a lot of white decoration everywhere, but I did have a good day. Saw the nephew, shovelled snow. For two hours. And boy are my arms tired! : )

Uncle jim, it figures you would have been involved in something like that. I'll let you know if I'm going ever and you can stand up for me. : )

16/2/07 10:09  
Blogger uncle jim said...

And NOW ...
the rest of the story.

They had both been alcoholics ... more correctly, drunks. They knew each other from the bars and friends they kept.

Eventually he moved in with her and her teen-age daughter. He got into trouble ... ended up doing 3 years hard-time.

While in the 'big-house', he sobered up. She continued her ways, but visited him regularly. He got out - they got back together.

He tried to better himself and find gainful employment... AND he tried to help her get sober - she did.

After several employers in the span of two years, he ended up working for me. He was/is a very good and hard worker, but had 'chip' on his shoulder and was capable of great outbursts of anger.

They were constantly going to break up over many various things including the now rebellious teen-age daughter who was finishing high-school with a potential college athletic scholarship, but who was pregnant ... so much for college.

Several years passed - he continued to work for me. They stayed together. The daughter got married - to a policeman, of all things. she started training and is now a police officer, too.

In the meantime, he kept trying to be a better person ... and he and she seemed to want to stay together. He would talk to me about it a lot - she was 12 years older than he.

I paid for his airfare, and mine, and their hotel and mine, and they paid for her airfare and all wedding related expenses and we went to Las Vegas - and now, the rest is history. And the preacher at the Wedding Chapel ... he was a licensed Methodist Minister who did chapel duty as a ministry - his marriage service included its share of bible readings ... that all made me feel a little better about it.

They now have several grandchildren by the police officers mentioned above and while they still occasionally have disagreements, they look after one another and seldom get drunk anymore ... and he is still a very good and hard worker - who beat the odds of recitivism and alcoholism.

So, if you want me to stand-up for you someday, you better start toeing the mark - I haven't been to Vegas in several years, now ... but maybe I'm due.

16/2/07 12:20  
Blogger uncle jim said...

hey there, girl - you got a guy and a date set yet?

22/2/07 12:06  
Blogger k_sra said...

no there, guy - I don't. And I feel myself getting less reckless by the day.

22/2/07 13:49  

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