A Formal Complaint

Cleveland, you stink! Not only do you smell bad in the literal sense (especially during Summer), but you also stink as a town that offers care and comfort to its inhabitants.

Case in point. It is Spring. The calendar says so. In fact, it's been Spring for almost three weeks now. Last Tuesday you graced us with a record high of 80 degrees. We rejoiced. We wore shorts. We packed our Winter clothes. We basked in the returning sunshine. And now this. WHAT IS YOUR DEAL? Two feet of snow and still falling? Are you crazy? This is Easter! My nephews had to hunt for eggs inside this year, because you just had to inflict us with your crazy weather patterns. (Is this global warming? Then why isn't it warm?) We missed four Indians games because of you (although, it probably just saves us the embarassement of losing.) and now we have to crawl into work on a Monday morning in SPRING! wearing the coats and boots we moth-balled when you teased us with warm weather.

It's just sickening.

And to think, I was about to take my Christmas tree down!

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Blogger Steve DeGroof said...

It's all Al Gore's fault.

9/4/07 10:44  
Blogger Barry said...

Wow! - That was a bit of a turn around!.

9/4/07 13:37  
Anonymous uncle jim said...

sour grapes in little italy - gotta live on the east side - then you can complain when the snow comes - if you lived west-side you'd only get to complain 1/3 of the time as much - go find a nice little italian ristorante and smell the wonderfully aromatic veggies in the minestrone - tomorrow the sun comes back to tease you again - when the indians next return they'll have some 'W's" to crow about - hope y'all had a great easter!

9/4/07 19:00  
Blogger "Honestus" - Raymond Charles said...

i think the Indians would have won all four games!

9/4/07 22:24  
Blogger Worldgineer said...

Easter egg hunting in the snow would have been beautiful and challenging.

9/4/07 23:05  
Anonymous JP! said...

move to Florida!

10/4/07 07:24  
Blogger k_sra said...

I hear ya, jp!, I hear ya. I am sorely tempted...

12/4/07 09:28  

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