Ultimately It Was Fine

Mission Accomplished! The HRAR (Human Resources Annual Retreat) went better than I expected. We were still forced to "celebrate diversity" by writing down shameful childhood stereotypes that were foisted upon us by others (Out, out, Demon!) and then share them in small groups with others.
But the good mood held and the food was tasty and I even learned something new about myself! And that always makes me happy. I learned that when it comes to change, I am a Seeker. That's right. I actively look for ways to improve and change the status quo around me. I don't sit still and take things as they come. I have the drive necessary to optimize what I'm given and make the best of it while looking for ways to improve the way things are done. This would explain why I am always reorganizing the filing systems in the office. [The three other "quadrants" were Intellectually Engaged (list-makers, pragmatic), Emotionally Engaged (cheerleaders), and Resistors (negative, cautious).]
Also, they gave us candy and let us play games outside... sounds like the third grade.


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