I am proud to have turned thirty today. So far, I can say that I really like it! Up to now the festivities for yours truly have included, phone calls, text messages, emails, e-cards, surprise party (with cake and a singing candle!), gifts, money, and a sneaky kiss or two from the boyfriend who caught an early flight home from a business trip. (thank you, sneaky Boyfriend!)

Ah! it's good to be thirty!

Everybody who is already thirty tell me a good story of how much fun you had turning thirty. PLEASE!

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Anonymous normzone said...

My roommate knocked on my door and brought me coffee in bed - Oh, and she was naked.

OK, that happened for my fortieth birthday, but I couldn't resist.

zhnvs - the new fashionable canvas sneakers that we hated as kids but are now hip

16/8/07 14:40  
Anonymous lostdog said...

Didn't realise it was your big three-oh, k_sra, I would have made a bigger fuss (with parades and ticker tape and everything, probably).

My own 30th was almost as good as yours sounds - I did all the kind of soul-searching and freaky out-y type stuff in the week or so beforehand (mostly getting very drunk and maudlin with my best mate and bemoaning the fact that I wasn't an astronaut or superhero like I thought I'd be by the time I was 30 when I was a kid), so my actual birthday was an unexpected treat. I'd planned just a quiet night down the pub, but said mate had secretly arranged for a bunch of friends to "just pop in" throughout the night, which was just perfect.

In the end, I really enjoyed turning 30 - I still can't fly and don't have a secret castle on the moon, but somehow I've managed to get to know a lot of really great people who put up with my foibles and actually seem to like me almost despite myself.

And who knows when superpowers kick in anyway?

16/8/07 15:17  
Blogger 'king rufus said...

Just happy birthday! xx

I can't even remember this morning, so 30? It must have happened, but it was a lifetime ago.

You don't look a day over 25

16/8/07 16:06  
Anonymous uncle jim said...

I was so grown-up, then...just like I was [thought I was] when I was 21. At 40 I was no-longer a 'young-fogey' - I became an old-fogey.

So enjoy 30 ... it doesn't turn sour 'til a few more years.

16/8/07 16:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

//who caught an early flight home from a business trip// Aw, that's really sweet.

I don't actually remember my 30th (I think that's a bad sign), but my wife set up a surprise paragliding trip on my 31st. I think maybe I worked on my 30th, then my wife took me to my favorite restaurant.


16/8/07 23:38  
Blogger Maggie said...

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17/8/07 05:14  
Anonymous xandram said...

Turning 30 was great, but look out for 31...

17/8/07 06:14  
Blogger k_sra said...

I had a Peruvian dinner for my thirtieth. Ray took me to a downtown restaurant called 'Machu Picchu.' It's right in the middle of Euclid construction, so we had the restaurant to ourselves. Good food, surprisingly slow service for having no customers! But the company was good, so I didn't much care.

Thanks for sharing your stories, all (maybe i can go paragliding next year!), I'll be sure to watch out for 31!

17/8/07 09:00  
Blogger dabuheebly said...

I turned 30 in December of '76. Then my fifth child was born before I turned 31. And she is so fine and amazing. I think everybody should have a fifth child (not necessarily before turning 31, though).

18/8/07 17:32  
Anonymous uncle jim said...

Did you get around "Little Italy" over the weekend by Holy Rosary church"? I hear it is quite an annual event ... 100 years or so they been doing this "Feast day" celebration.

I also note that next week is Raksha Bandhan, is is not? So, YoBro, is ready to serve his little sister. How is she doing these days?

20/8/07 21:06  

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