Toiletpaper Has Its Own Website

Oddly alluring, but definitely pointless. Unwind a roll!

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Blogger Tara said...

I clicked on the photo thinking that was the website (before I glanced down and noticed the actual link), and I was just staring at this toilet paper roll thinking it would do something. It did not. Then I found the link and everything changed.

31/7/07 14:21  
Anonymous uncle jim said...

i'm praying for you tara ... sounds like it's been a hard day

31/7/07 19:42  
Blogger k_sra said...

You're right, Tara, that is a bit confusing. I'll swap the picture jpg to the actual link.

1/8/07 13:56  
Blogger Barry said...

That was excellent! I got right to the end and it disappeared!.
Again Please!

2/8/07 15:41  
Anonymous DrCurry said...


6/8/07 21:12  

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