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This blog has been slowed to a crawl for an indefinite period of time. The Blog Owner is currently enjoying other life activities and has no immediate plans to post Something New (almost) Every Day. If you stopped by to resume a conversation, the Blog Owner receives comments via email and is notified when you "drop a line."

Otherwise, please enjoy old posts until the Blog Owner has something new or useful to say.

Thank you.

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Blogger uncle jim said...

i've forgotten ... who is the blog-owner?

seriously, I think you deserve a break ... a sabbatical, even.

take it ... enjoy it ... forget about us [sniffle]

8/10/07 14:09  
Blogger k_sra said...

Yeah, I think I've forgotten who the blog-owner is, too. I'll take the sabbatical, but I won't forget who you are. : )

How's my Aunt doing?

8/10/07 14:12  
Blogger uncle jim said...

aunt rozann is doing great - she had both knees replaced this summer at same time and is back teaching school; she did fabulously

i'll tell her you inquired.

8/10/07 15:12  
Blogger Barry said...

C'Mon Gentlemen, we are all big boys!.
We can all do without the Blog for a while.

9/10/07 15:10  
Blogger Barry said...

Please come back soon, Sozza!!

9/10/07 15:11  
Blogger k_sra said...

I will Bazza. In the meantime, you just keep winning those charity golf outings. : )

9/10/07 15:20  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't get it. (waits patiently for the next post)


9/10/07 23:22  
Blogger "Honestus" - Raymond Charles said...

i'm waiting too! And i think, I'm your biggest fan!

10/10/07 12:58  
Anonymous lostdog said...

I'll miss your blog posts, but it's good to hear that you're doing more interesting stuff instead. I did notice that you had been stretching the definition of the word "almost" for quite some time... Any longer and it would have snapped.

Thanks for showing me interesting things and making me laugh on a sporadical basis, anyway. T'was much appreciated.

10/10/07 16:17  
Blogger k_sra said...

That's ok, lostdog, you don't have to eulogize me, I'm bored, not dead! ; ) I just suddenly up and realized one day that 'my biggest fan' is the person I tell all my little interesting details to, so there's not much left over for the ethernet. And that's when I realized I was stretching the definition of "almost" to the breaking point, as you said. I figured I owed an explanation at least. And, World, you're probably right, my threat will turn into a revival of blog-spirit and I'll be back for a new era. Phoenix from the ashes and all that. I've been known to do it. Just been very busy at the job (you oughta know about that) and still have no internet at home. [It's amazing, now that I look back, at how much company(s) time I wasted to create this behemoth.] I need a new slant though. I'm tired of this format, this idea, this everything...

Anywho's, like I said, I always get (and appreciate) comments, but you can also just email me directly at ksrasra AT gmail DOT com.

11/10/07 07:10  
Blogger k_sra said...

p.s. tell Aunt Rozann I love her and to bring her knees and her husband back up to Cleveland sometime!

11/10/07 07:13  
Blogger uncle jim said...

...leave a light on for us - we'll get up there some day

Oh, hey!
I started one of them there weB-LOG things, you know.


It's about 3 weeks old now.

Come and visit it sometime soon - you and all our friends here reading this private conversation 'tween you and me.

and be prepared to write something.

12/10/07 09:45  
Anonymous normzone said...

Ah yes...This is one of the symptoms of Getting-A-Life Syndrome. Congratulations.

Although I do wish that Nobel Maloof would look you up again 8-)

12/10/07 12:14  
Blogger k_sra said...

uncle jim, that's great! I'm glad you are blogging.

Norm, we can all wish for that to happen! I think his eyesight is failing though, so the odds aren't good...

12/10/07 12:16  
Blogger dag said...

Wow. Who would have thunk. I need to get in more.

24/10/07 15:40  
Blogger k_sra said...

Yeah, apparently my ability to post drivel on the interweb is NOT limitless like we all once thought. Good to see you, Dag! How's Brutus?

25/10/07 07:28  
Blogger dag said...

Brutus is a happy dog. He's got a girlfriend.

25/10/07 09:56  
Blogger k_sra said...

Good for him! Is that in hopes of Brutus the twelfth or is it just a neighborhood fling?

25/10/07 12:12  

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