A beautiful thing happened when I swapped a gmail account, someone took up my offer to make a balloon sculpture. Of course, he wanted to make the typical balloon sculpture of a bear holding a flower or two lovebirds kissing inside a heart swing, but what I really wanted was a balloon sculpture of the last supper. And folks, this brave balloonist accepted!

I could not be prouder to present to you perhaps for the first time ANYWHERE:

The Last Supper Balloon Sculpture!

Please no pushing or shoving! Also, visit our gift store before you leave...

hy·a·loid: glassy or transparent. I've got that hyaloid look in my eyes today.

On this day in 1579 Sir Francis Drake claims California for England. Of course he called it something else.

Random goofy person of the day.

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Blogger Worldgineer said...

Ha! I love the balloon sculpture.

17/6/04 15:46  

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