This is a Japanese website of bunny breeds, apparently. I am blogging it for my brother. I'm not even sure he still enjoys rabbits. The only two rabbits he ever had killed each other. In any case, the link is here because he told me he was reading my blog.

This is a Japanese actor working on a role for a movie. Man, I love that actor. I love that director, too. Seven guesses who these people are and what film they're working on.

Random photo of the day.

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Blogger calum said...

Guess: It's Toshiro Mifune in Shichinin no samurai/Seven Samurai. Don't know who is buddy is but he looks nice and friendly.

8/6/04 14:25  
Blogger k_sra said...

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8/6/04 14:40  
Blogger k_sra said...

Hurrah! (claps for calum). Spot on. His chum in the Giligan hat is Akira Kurosawa, the film's writer/director. You win a visit to a confusing webpage!

8/6/04 15:07  
Blogger mymo said...

Yes, Watership Down and all that. I do read your Blog and today someone called me a Fluffball, and actually meant it as a compliment. My rabbits are but their legacy lives on.


8/6/04 16:12  

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