The funniest gmail swap of the day:

"kendahlin offers: to find your virginity.

I am an expert researcher. All I need is the approximate date and time you lost your virginity and the location. I will do my very best to recover your lost virginity. I also guarantee that if I am unable to find your lost virginity within 24 hours; I will send you, by the new gmail account you provide, simple instructions for virginity restoration.


Don't take my word for it, this is what my clients have to say about my work:

"I thought I lost my virginity, but as it turns out I just misplaced it. If it weren't for Ken, I would have still been looking"

Tony L.

"I never realized how important virginity was, so I wasn't very careful with it when I was younger. I'm 75 years old now. Ken's virginity restoration intructions was a relatively painless procedure that only involved losing a gmail account invite."

Barbara B."

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