Still Writing...

I'll be amazed if I hit the fifty thousand mark for the novel writing by next Tuesday night. IN fact, I'll probably consider myself an alien from another planet if I get fifty thousand words written by next Tuesday. But I am still writing, trying to reach that goal. With greater or lesser success.

I've found some ritualistic behaviors that really help me focus: lighting a candle, making a pot of tea, pacing up and down the hall for an hour, rocking in a fetal position for an hour or two longer... then I can write, no problem. About one hundred or two hundred words. Then I have to start the ritual all over again. Man, baseball players have nothing on me when it comes to rituals and superstitious behaviors.

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Blogger Diva said...

Whether you reach 50,000 or not, kudos to you for doing it! Even if you keep going into December, you go girl!

27/11/04 17:40  
Blogger Worldgineer said...

My uncle's an author, and I'm quite sure you have to lose a piece of your mind to do it correctly. He visited a few times when I was growing up, and wrote while he was at our house. He packs his coffee mug when he travels, has to write in a room on the east side of the house, etc., etc., etc. The number of variables that have to be exactly perfect for him to write seem to be limitless.

I'll play "Going the distance" in your honor next Tuesday.

27/11/04 23:35  

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