And The Winner Is!

Guess what, Ladies and Gents? The Caption Contest has officially ended and the winners are hereby announced! (You know I wouldn't forget you. With your cute little button icons and all your cute little mouse clicks!)

In no particular order (other than first place to last) here they are:

First Place Winner

Worldgineer said...
Tina and Marv attempt to form the chinese character for suave.

Second Place

normzone said...
When Santa emerged from the chimney, little Jimmy knew
that what he'd been told was a lie.

Blanche Almonde said...
All evening Betsy had waited patiently and - she hoped - seductively for him to notice her. Finally, the last flame had gone out (as had Rosavita, Mimi, Brunhilda, and Lashonda) and Guido’s eyes had fallen on her. He was as irresistibly drawn to
her as a moth to a flashlight. Her heart was crying “Yes! Yes!” to his smoldering unspoken question; the rest of her was screaming to go pee.

Worldgineer said...
I think I know a place we can be alone, though it's a little bit dark and sooty.

And the Runners Up...

Flipsycab said...
Having cased the joint, Goldilocks takes advantage of the three bears' absence. It's time!

normzone said...
"You know, I've ALWAYS thought left arm amputees were HOT..."

Congratulations to all our winners and all our amputees... I mean, participants. You're fabtastic, all of you! Our first Place Winner will, of course, receive Fabulous Prizes!*

*(You know what they are, don't make me say them again. Alright, fine. Your choice: 1) A random prize selected by k_sra from her local dollar store and shipped to you. [Note: this prize is really random.] 2) A stunt photo of your choosing where k_sra will attempt to create the image of your choosing with random objects and people. 3) A song made up about a topic of your choosing and performed here on the blog.)

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Blogger Worldgineer said...

Yay! 1st and 2nd place. Here's my request: Find someone on the bus who's willing to talk to you, tell them your life story. Then ask if you can take their picture, while holding a can of corn. And don't think we won't be able to tell if you haven't told them your life story.

4/9/05 21:29  
Blogger k_sra said...



OK, fine. It may take me awhile.

4/9/05 21:33  
Blogger Tara said...

Congratulations, World!

And Sarah, I have a random can of corn in my cupboard if you need one for that shot.

5/9/05 08:33  

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