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Who are these people and what are they doing?

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Anonymous normzone said...

The man on the left is Ray Walston, formerly of "My Favorite Martian" fame.

The other man is Richard Farnsworth, who played in many a western.

I don't know the girl and the woman, but I believe the photo is a promotional image from a short-lived spinoff from the "Anne of Green Gables" series.

The working title was "Anne's Favorite Martian", but it never got past the pilot stage.

15/9/05 19:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

that reminds me -

"three farmers on their way to a dance" by richard powers. excellent book, and if you're beguiled by that image, you might find it interesting...


15/9/05 20:41  
Blogger Prom said...

Three generations of the family that founded Minute Maid orange juice. See the trees, orange trees in an orchard. See the Maid, she would only stand still for a minute to get her photo taken. The guy in the back is the grandpa of the little girl and he's the one that named to company.

16/9/05 07:36  
Anonymous DrCurry said...

The Everett family has gathered to celebrate the induction in their daughter, Beatrice (aged 6), into the local volunteer fire department.

16/9/05 18:43  
Blogger Steve DeGroof said...

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17/9/05 15:54  
Blogger Steve DeGroof said...

The people, themselves, are of no consequence. However, if you look carefully, you will see Bigfoot, attempting to open an umbrella, on the far left of the photo. Many Bigfoot experts suspect this photograph is a hoax, however, since it obviously is not about to rain. A computer enhanced version of the photograph can be found here.

17/9/05 15:59  
Anonymous DrCurry said...

Um, Steve, that's a parasol, not an umbrella - cleaarly the BigFoot in question had run short of SPF 32.

18/9/05 11:47  
Blogger Steve DeGroof said...

A parasol! Of course! That's the missing piece to the puzzle. Well, then it must be Bigfoot.

18/9/05 13:01  
Blogger Steve DeGroof said...

This is the earilest known photo of the moderately famous Garbacci family of Waldo, Kansas. The family suffers from a rare genetic neurological disorder that causes them to take instructions literally. The photographer for this photo, Anton Quilter, told them to hold still, then had an asthma attack while taking the picture (hence the camera tilt). All four stood stock still while Quilter lay on the ground gasping for air.

Fortunately, Kelvin Montrose, the town loiterer, happened by and took Quilter to the doctor, where he made a full recovery. Montrose returned to the scene several hours later when he remembered about the Garbacci family, who were exactly where he'd left them, if a bit paler.

* Kelvin Montrose was presented with a medal and promoted to town watchman, which involved much the same duties as his previous position but paid better.
* Due to the press coverage of the incident, the Garbacci family were hired by a Salina department store as window display mannequins.
* Anton Quilter later became the official photographer for the Waldo Whirlwinds, a local bobsled team.

20/9/05 14:14  

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