I have a lot of making up to do...

...and I feel just awful about my absence from the blog these last few days. I was, well, I was detained. Not by a hard-minded corporate jobby as Worldgineer insinuated (great word, love that word: "What are you insinuating, Reginald?") But I will certainly do my best to recover my dear readers' approbation and I vow to make things better.

First thing to do is to announce a winner for the Caption Contest from Hell!!! This was not an easy picture to caption, Folks. It took ingenuity, perseverance and grit. Three things you people are in no short supply of... Of which you people are not soon to be running out of... The sort of thing you guys have lots of... in you. Dangit! That dangling participle just won't fall off.

And now it is finally finished (the contest, not the sentence): A WINNER HAS BEEN CHOSEN!!!

First Place:

Worldgineer said...

Who knows the entire Greek alphabet?

Second Runners Up:

Koobs said...

Aaron and Jenny congratulated each other on winning the pairs "who can keep their mouth open the longest" competition

Gober said...

As fate would have it, Tom's first "no-look high five" was also Rachel's first broken nose.

Congrats, World and other great captioners. Well, done to all those who participated in this toughie. Next week we'll try some rorshach(?) tests to see if we can stump you crazy captioners. I swear, you people could caption a blank piece of paper! you are THAT good. Worldgineer's prize will be chosen at random from my prized camera phone picture collection and emailed to him on his next birthday... whenever that is. Just kidding! He'll get it soon. Oh yes, soooooo! n!

As an extra treat, because you've all been so kind and patient (well, Worldgineer is really the only one who reads this entire blog every day, over and over, in a monotone to his pet tortoise and two dogs), here's a linky el fid sent in which is sure to tickle your funny bone! Well, if your funny bone is black, that is.

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Blogger Worldgineer said...

The prize reached me before the blog. Great picture. How'd you get inside the Pentagon with all of that jello?

The dogs get bored with the photo captions due to their difficulty viewing 2-D images, but Amy has me read the captions over and over.

1/2/06 10:26  
Blogger half said...

I think you should refer to the contest participants as "captioneers".

1/2/06 11:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Detained? Were you in jail again?

1/2/06 15:47  
Blogger k_sra said...

No, Anonymous Person from Texas, I was not incarcerated in one of our nation's fine correction facilities. Rather I was jobless and internetless. A phenomenon which plagues good bloggers across this land from time to time. By the way, Anonymous, do you have a name name? I'm k_sra and this is Half, and that's World (whom you probably already know. He writes more on my blog than I do).

1/2/06 16:08  
Blogger honestus said...

well of course WORLD won, he's knows everything!

8/2/06 00:46  

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