That's Not Egypt...

Can you name ten films shot in Tunisia?

Now you can.

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Blogger gnomethang said...

Nope! -but now I can!

26/1/06 18:15  
Blogger Worldgineer said...

I still can't, but now I know where to look it up.

27/1/06 10:15  
Blogger dabuheebly said...

It is a little-known fact that k-sra's mum and da would have been extras (some of their friends were) in a 1968 film made in Tunis, the capital, had it not been for the intervention of an unsightly cold sore. They probably would have been "discovered" and asked to give up their madcap life to become screen stars known and loved to this day by millions and millions of fans around the world. That movie was ignored by the scholars at tunisietourisme.com. Can't imagine why. The film was directed by George Cukor and was a huge budget expenditure dumped into the Tunisian economy. Most of the proceeds went to the "popularly elected" President Bourghuiba and close friends, of course. You had to have been there. k-sra's oldest sybling was born in Tunisia in April of 1970 and got out 2 months later. k-sra's mum and da will be happy to show you around the city of Tunis any time you'd like to get them there.

29/1/06 20:48  
Blogger Worldgineer said...

Hello? Sra? Tell me you haven't been sucked up by the corporate world with (gasp) filtered Internet service, never to be heard from again.

31/1/06 12:21  

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