Resting Place

This photo was recovered from my cell phone this afternoon after a long bus ride across town which happened to pass by this small cemetery. Would you like to be buried here? Within view of this enormous Church? I would not. Not only is it on a major busline, it's directly across the street from a Discount Drug Mart. That's right. The final resting place of these few poor souls is at gravestone level with the parking lot of a ghetto-fabulous drug store. A discount drug store. I'm pretty sure that when St. Patrick's chose the corner of Puritas and Rocky River Drive in 1851 it was probably a spacious lovely area. A fitting burial place for devout Catholic believers of the parish. But now... yes, now. Not the same.
But whereas we are skiddish of such garish juxtaposes and quiver at the thought of Slurpee cups tossed over the fence onto our memorial plaques, I doubt the dead mind it nearly so much as we do and it would certainly be a sobering sight for any would-be robbers. They are such even-minded folk, the dead. Sometimes I admire them for their composure. Or decomposure. However you want to look at it.

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Blogger Steve DeGroof said...

That's one of the problems with being dead. If the neighborhood gets too crowded, you can't move.

21/1/06 14:51  
Anonymous uncle jim said...

i used to go to st pat's ... i lived up the road on rocky river towards lorain about half way there ... the cemetery always intigued me - gave me a feeling of family closeness that you could live your life in the parish and be buried right there ... that was then, i guess - now i probably would head for the burbs and some nice quiet place that won't be like st pat's traffic for another hundred years or so - but here in hoosier land where i reside now i guess this is country enough - joel would understand

21/1/06 23:38  
Blogger Saint Kansas said...

Grandpa spoke too soon when he said he wouldn't be caught dead at Discount Drug Mart.

As I kid I was greatly amused that the hometown McDonalds looked out over a cemetary ... and the largest tombstone read "HAMBURGER."

24/1/06 09:47  

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