How Are Ye, Jon?

Everybody's favorite toxophilite is still rounding up leads in his (hare-brained) quest for Olympic Gold. Or... Olympic Something. What inspires me most about his quest is not the movie deal he is sure to land in 2013 when he wins gold for the Tuvalu Island in the upset of the century, but rather the day-to-day dealings of drudgery that he must face in order to achieve his modest goal of competing in the 2012 Olympics and raise 1 million pounds for charity. (Truthfully, he just wants to walk into the stadium as a competitor in his native London. Maybe even carrying the flag of his new nation.) I mean, realistically, waiting around for a host country to pop out of the wood work must get a little boring. How many tiny islands are there? And aren't they all pretty much the same? But the intrepid Jon doesn't let the grinding task of kissing up to foreign dignitaries get him down! He shoulders on, parsing good leads from bad ones (like Tuesday's post. That was a bad lead. Just ask his wife.)

Carry on, dear Jonathon. We know that if you can dream it, you can achieve it! And may the flame of triumph that represents the Olympic spirit be alive in you always!

Word of the Day: Toxophilite - an archer, or one who competes in archery.

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Blogger jon said...

ooo.... ooo.. Me Miss! Me! Can I comment first Miss?

There are several largish snags with my plan as it stands : I need a new nation and I need to attain a world class standard at a sport I don't currently understand. On the plus side, I do have 6 years.

My wife decided that she wouldn't accept divorce, bigamy or polygamy in my bid to gain citizenship, but was delighted I asked so politely. Well brought up you see.

How many beautiful, tropical, warm island nations are there? 30-40 ish and more declaring independence every day, so if it's not Tuvalu, Marshall Islands or Tokulea today then it'll be Fiji, Samoa or Andaman Islands tomorrow. Plenty of choice.

But thank you for your support k_sra - it's so nice to know that there are folk reading the story and encouraging me. Do drop me a note!

This weeks wishlist! : An archery coach, the email address of the President of the Marshall Islands.

- J


16/2/06 12:46  
Anonymous normzone said...

Jon may need to make some compromises - I've told my fiancee' that if I take a second wife, it's only fair that she gets to choose who it is.

16/2/06 14:07  
Blogger Steve DeGroof said...

//This weeks wishlist! : An archery coach, the email address of the President of the Marshall Islands.//

Try the six-degrees approach. Find someone who's most likely to know someone in the Marshall Islands and tell them to pass along the message to someone who's more likely to know the President. To ensure delivery, you could send it to 10 people and ask each of them to pass it on to 10 more-likely people. The President will get anywhere from 0 to 1,000,000 messages (possibly more) forwarded from you.

16/2/06 14:49  
Blogger k_sra said...

Yeah, and if you include a insightful story about a boy dying of cancer or a chance to win a huge check from Microsoft the odds of it reaching him are almost a gimme!

(Norm, I didn't know you were engaged! When's the big day?)

16/2/06 17:11  
Anonymous normzone said...

Well, in theory it's in May or June this year. Details will be decided upon someday.

16/2/06 18:47  

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