Words I Don't Know: 'I'

Weilding my trusty 35,000 word pocket-size edition of Webster's dictionary, I pondered the i-words. Here's the ones that left me stumped:

ibedem: (another word for ibid) in the same place
ichthyology: the study of fish
imbroglio: a difficult or intricate situation
impecunious: having no money

Used in a sentence: "If I had chosen ichthyology as my course of study, I am sure I would not now be in this ibidem impecunious imbroglio."



Anonymous calum said...


Incidentally, imbroglio is a word beloved of the broadsheet press over here. And stramash. They love stramash.

10/2/06 11:52  
Blogger k_sra said...

I don't know stramash.

10/2/06 13:57  
Anonymous calum said...

stramash n. it's difficult to define, but you'll know one when you see one.

(OK, it's basically something akin to a fight or an argument, except that no-one really knows what anyone else is doing or saying, usually with calamitous results).

13/2/06 09:02  

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