Wisdom of the Peanut

The Search for Truth has ended, it seems, for our dear and esteemed friend honestus. He hasn't posted a single thing on his blog Searching for Truth in the last two months. So it would appear that honestus has found his answer. He has reached the pinnacle of enlightened attainment! He has found the ultimate truth! Which appears to be... peanut butter?? What can this mean?
Having thought about this many times since November the twenty and eighth and all I can come up with, is this: they may crush you, salt you, and smear you around, but never forget; it is only when you've come out of your shell that you can truly taste the jelly.
That's just my interpretation.

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Blogger honestus said...

the PEANUT! Ah yes, roasted, salted and shelled... i love them all.

i have returned from my 2 month peanut searching hiatus of peanut butter testing and wow... i had no idea there were so many types!

organic, roasted, low-salt, no salt, low fat, no fat, crunchy, creamy, all-natural, and a few that i cannot remember!

did you know they still make PETER PAN pb? one of my favs!

although i will admit, i looked and tried, searched but found no SUPERMAN Peanut Butter! Anyone know if it's still around?

Tell me, Tell me... what's your favorite Peanut Butter - and why! =)

(and if KSRA doesn't mind, drop and copy your thoughts to my blog. It baldy needs some PB lovin'. http://honestus.blogspot.com/

9/2/06 01:52  
Blogger k_sra said...

It baldy needs something! ; )

Uhm, trying to think of more peanutbutter stories. Oh, right, when we were kids, our family would mix enormous quantities of pb with honey in a gigantic plastic tub. This vat o' spread was used on an assembly line of pb and honey sandwiches which we five children consumed throughout the week. There's was something very galvanizing about getting a sandwich from that huge tub of smear and knowing you were one of many who would be eating its goobery goodness that day. Looking back now, I wonder just how many of those sandwiches we consumed on average.

10/2/06 14:02  

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