Lost Dog Not Lost!

Do you all know lostdog? Allow me to introduce you. Lostdog sometimes goes by Martin and lives in the glorious hills and valleys of the Scottish countryside sporting and playing happily with his other puppy pals. (Well, he may or may not, but I like to imagine that he does indeed live in a tiny country cottage at the base of some lovely hill which overlooks a quaint Scottish parish where he can gambol freely with other lostdogs in a puppy paradise. But whatever.) And far from being a lost dog he is now a found dog! Or rather a re-found dog since he was found once before and got lost again. This is the third time I think I have found lostdog and this time it was lostdog himself who came to find me so I feel the circle of lostness is finally closed and lostdog and I can go on being friends for just about forever. You know that saying, if you love something set it free and if it doesn't return it's probably lostdog? Well, that is very true in this case. And here he is! Large as life and not so lost!

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Blogger lostdog said...

I thought I'd bought and burnt the negatives of that picture already...

Your're pretty much spot on with my gambolling canine life (my puppy pals all say hello, by the way, as they cutely entangle themselves in toilet roll), apart from one tiny thing. That's the word "English".

I'm Scottish. From Scotland. It's hard to think of a faux pas that carries the same kind of weight - perhaps if someone shook you by the hand and said "pleased to meet you, Mr. K_sra."

21/2/06 17:57  
Blogger k_sra said...

Oh geez! Not the first faux pas I've made of that calibre today (see post above). I fixed it (sort of), but I really, truly honestly thought you were a Brit. I wasn't generalizing. Honest! Sorry to grab you by the ears, lostdog! Not my day for foreign negotiations.

I feel terrible!

21/2/06 18:40  
Blogger Worldgineer said...

Funny, [lost]'s accent sounds South African to me.

22/2/06 11:11  

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