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Blogger Steve DeGroof said...

Is that the one in Michigan?

15/3/06 11:04  
Blogger Tara said...

We should all go to Hell and send out postcards to our loved ones.

"Greetings from Hell! Sure is hot here. It's a dry heat, though."

15/3/06 11:07  
Blogger Steve DeGroof said...

I'd like to get a paperweight made frm a chunk of pavement from the road to Hell. It's made from good intentions, y'know.

15/3/06 13:24  
Blogger Afro Assault said...

Maybe that's what Nina Simone meant.

wbyey: What teenage girls say when Dawson's Creek reruns are on the WB

15/3/06 16:50  
Blogger Steve DeGroof said...

Funny, first thing I though of was Alice Cooper.

15/3/06 18:06  
Blogger lostdog said...

Looks like it's frozen over as well.

16/3/06 02:54  
Blogger Steve DeGroof said...

Yeah, looks colder'n Hell there.

16/3/06 07:08  
Anonymous masha said...

On a similar topic, I've been in Paradise (MI) when it was 100 degrees plus there!

16/3/06 14:38  
Blogger honestus said...

that must be 'Hell' during winter...

17/3/06 01:04  

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