Bird Side Story

I've decided to name the bird Elloise. I'm not even sure why. But she looks kind of old-fashioned and nervous as I would imagine a woman named Elloise to be. She let me take her picture, but with great reluctance. Here are the beginnings of my friendship with Elloise the mourning dove who lives in my window.

Elloise sits nervously behind the dirty window pane as I snap the very first photo.

She watches me from the neighboring housetop as I approach her eggs with my camera.

Elloise' two young eggs glow like jewels in the afternoon sun.

She approaches the house again, checking to see that her eggs are safe. After many fly-bys and attempted landings she finally settles in. I have to frighten her away so that I can close the window and give her privacy.

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Blogger Worldgineer said...

Beautiful pictures. I'm jealous.

1/6/06 01:25  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I once allowed a dove to nest on my bedside window, I regret it till this day. I had a bird mite infestation because of that. But nice pictures regardless.

11/3/08 19:55  

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