Brings Luck

How fortunate am I to have received an ancient Chinese proverb via hexed chain letter in my e-mail? This is truly a momentous ocassion. But instead of sending to twenty of my friends as I was commanded. I'm just going to make you all read it and hope it gets to twenty individuals. I hope you all will take this very seriously and send out twenty copies of your own!

Here we are informed that this Chinese proverb comes from Netherlands. Will wonders never cease!

Ah! Carlos. That morality tale all wrapped up in a little Spaniard! Good thing he changed his mind, huh?

So four days from now I am going to receive my little piece of good luck! Let's see, that's Saturday...

What? One day? Now I'm confused. Is my good luck coming Wednesday or Saturday? Those Chinese-Dutch sure can confuse a person.

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Blogger Tara said...

Oh I think I sent you something from another far-off country. Don't ever say I've never emailed you anything worthwhile. ;)

30/5/06 15:16  
Blogger half said...

You're not the one that sent that ridiculous thing to my wife, are you?

31/5/06 16:19  
Blogger k_sra said...

I send it to all who come to this good luck site!

It's been around the world eight times, half! Eight!!

Yeah, Tara, thanks. I now know what the Tibetans think of me. : )

31/5/06 17:00  

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