Segue to a New Week

It's almost the end of my weekend as I know it. I've got a bellyache from too much good eating, a headache from too much good sunning, and a heartache from too much good loving. The man left town for a stich. He'll be back and maybe now I won't be tempted to stay out at parties till three every morning. I seriously need a nap. Think I'll watch a Criterion Film with my brother.

For those needing to learn something, get a load of the Territory of Sealand. No really, I might become a citizen. Joel told me about it.

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Anonymous normzone said...

You know you want to devote a blog to "Conversations With My Man". You know you do. Give in.

27/6/06 20:41  
Blogger k_sra said...

Wellllll, maybe I do and maybe I don't. There's just enough bf material for a good clip every now and again. I don't think I want to media frenzy that would occur if I posted every little thing we said to each other, now do I?

28/6/06 09:12  
Blogger Worldgineer said...

Again, you are my muse.

28/6/06 11:34  

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