Stress Test Testers Wanted!

A web designer is looking for feedback on the following stress test (and web site in general). I invite my readers to sound off, take the test*, and generally add input on how the site could be improved.

* My score was 89% stress tolerance, 49% patience index.

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Blogger Worldgineer said...

1. I did not like question #2. No answer was correct for me, except the first part of the last one.

2. Similarly, for #3 there were two "correct" answers for me. I rarely get irritated, but someone taking advantage of my would certainly irritate.

3. $49 value? Come on. That's just going to get people to not trust the value of the products that you do sell. Just call it a free test.

For me:

Stress tolerance 86%
Patience index 52%
Your Personal Driving Force: Helping Others
Your Dominant Stress Inducer: Ethics and Values in Society
Your Master Decision-Making Criteria: Values and Disciplines

18/8/06 13:22  
Blogger Steve DeGroof said...

I have to agree with Matt. A lot of the questions didn't have an answer that applied to me, or had more than one. I ended up picking one that sounded good in a lot of cases.

It might be better to have a series of statements like "If I won $200 million, I would use the money to focus on fulfilling all of my fantasies." and then have a 1-5 (strongly disagree - strongly agree) range for each. This would allow more accurate scoring.

And, no, there's no way this test is worth $49. The company I work for charges less for much more involved surveys and provides much more substantial results.

18/8/06 14:56  
Blogger k_sra said...

I have to say 'amen' to the $49 ploy. Snake oil anyone? Although my answers were fitting, enough, it wasn't the kind of payoff that a $49 coupon would suggest.

18/8/06 19:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for all of your feedback. Over the next couple of weeks you will see many of your recommendations implemented into the stress test program.

Please know that the full intention of this test is to help each other to de-stress from all of the stresses that are so common in our society today. You assistance in this effort is greatly appreciated.

If I might ask, what do you think is a fitting price for a test like this?

Thank you!

www.ratanjit.com & www.stressfreeexpert.com

21/8/06 08:34  
Blogger Worldgineer said...

I don't think such tests are really worth any money to me. I rarely even take them even if they're free. The point behind such a test is usually to convince me that I need some sort of product, which (before I actually am convinced) I don't feel I really need. If anything, I feel like I'm providing market research to the website in return for some mildly interesting (at most) information. Sounds like a fair trade to me.

Anyway, as I mentioned earlier, just say it's a free test.

21/8/06 09:05  

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