cop to mondays

Just shy of being able to care about punctuation and spelling this saggy monday. Rolled out of bed like a cowboy's cigarette: one end unstuck. Opaque brain wobbled to the office with a coffee in hand that proceeded to shake me to my core. Deduction: no caffeine for woozy people.

Inapropriate amount of emotional energy for simple tasks. People repeat wordless conversations around me. I stare blankly and occasionally smile. Babble on about new nephew to anyone who will listen. I'm not even listening.

Haunted by crazy kitten dreams from last night's bed laying. Waiting for redemption in the form of a stiff breeze or a hug or a week asleep on my back where dreams can't touch me.

Don't even care that it's monday.

But it is.

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Blogger Tara said...

Congratulations on the little Hot Pocket! What did she wind up calling him...Or is the baby a girl?

14/8/06 14:15  
Blogger Worldgineer said...

(Tara: read yesterday's annos)

So, how's Tuesday?

hllewow: valley slang term used to indicate amazement. Pronounced "helle wow"

15/8/06 12:24  
Blogger k_sra said...

Yeah, Tara. Wake up and smell the anno! Hehe. It'sokay, World, I sent her photographic proof of the boy's cuteness. She is now in his mesmerizing clutches.

parntk: parent crashing into the letter "k"

15/8/06 14:11  
Anonymous uncle jim said...

it is now wednesday and i STILL don't care about monday, either

16/8/06 10:58  

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