"I know better now..."

...But when I was a kid, my sister told me that lightning bugs kept lightbulbs lit and when the bulbs went out it was because the bug had died. She had me feeling bad for lightbulbs for over two years.

Found a lovely website with countless similar stories from people all over the world. you can browse and read or add your own. Here's a couple of my faves:

"I used to believe that once you got out of Pre-school you instantly went to work and worked in the same profession as your father. On the day we had a little pre-school graduation thing I went up to my father and started crying telling him I was a failure and would have to be homeless because I didn't know how to be an accountant." ~Nick

"When I was about 4 years old I thought it was such an amazing coincidence that all singers could actually sing." ~Andrea

"When I was younger I used to believe that the sparkly sidewalks, instead of having something added to the concrete to make them sparkly, was actually millions of tiny ant paparazzi. I would hide my face as I walked over it." ~Jason

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Blogger Tara said...

I'll have to add the story that I was told that if I swallowed watermelon seeds, a watermelon plant would start growing inside me.

3/8/06 15:32  
Blogger k_sra said...

That's a pretty common story among kids apparently!

4/8/06 13:20  
Anonymous normzone said...

Yes, I was told that one by some big kids (read: 8 or 9) when I was four years old.

I was certain that I was doomed and had only a short time to live, so I wasted my final hours indirectly querying my mom about such things, since I didn't want to admit that I had sealed my fate in such a foolish manner.

When she told me that things didn't work that way, I felt such relief.

7/8/06 15:39  

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