Ugly-@ss Album Cover Competition

Recent ones only for this competition. Antiques (Joyce, you know who you are) need not apply. Let's say, for the sake of rule-keepers, last ten years. Go to, kids. Best one wins a lifetime of smug satisfaction. My entry here (although not eligible for prizes) is the ugly-@ss cover of Ben Arthur's Edible Darling.

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Blogger Worldgineer said...

Hey, can you start a new competition before you've announced the winner of the last one?

26/7/06 13:23  
Blogger Worldgineer said...

Oh, and here's my entry. I don't really know album covers (what's an album?), so I google image searched for "album cover" and looked for something ugly.

26/7/06 13:28  
Blogger k_sra said...

I can do anything I want to, World. (Why? What's the last competition?)

Also, I cannot open the link for some reason.

26/7/06 13:29  
Blogger Worldgineer said...

Strange, I'll try the link again.

26/7/06 13:29  
Blogger Worldgineer said...

"Can you come up with a great quote about fame? Best ones will have a poster created for them."

26/7/06 13:31  
Blogger Diva said...

Ugh, what was Bea Arthur thinking? That is disgusting.

Here are my entries.

27/7/06 08:34  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So far only one of you has managed to come up with a cover created since I was born. COME ON, PEOPLE, DIG DEEP!

27/7/06 13:53  
Blogger k_sra said...

Uhm, that was me. World, where's your recent cover??

27/7/06 13:58  
Anonymous calum said...

ugliness obscured behind fag here

28/7/06 07:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I posted a recent cover - it must not have come through.

here you go.

-Worldgineer (what's wrong with blogger?)

28/7/06 13:08  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's another (technically not a cover - it was under the CD with the, um, tip of the tongue centered.


28/7/06 13:10  

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