Diary Minute

I'm just gonna scribble down a few words here, because in an unlikely turn of events, I actually have a minute to do so. A giant storm system is passing overhead and will continue to do so for the evening and night taking our scorching hot and unbearably humid weather with it.

Our office has been quiet today, but in order to restore balance to the universe, this little perk was neatly counterbalanced by the loss of our air conditioning. We were an hour into mugginess before someone stepped to the vent and received a face full of steamy hot air. We promptly shut off the "air conditioning" and called maintainence. They told us the "chiller" had been acting funny. We said, "No s--t, Sherlock." When the cold air came back on, we sank gratefully into our desk chairs again. Only to have it go out a second time. I don't know how you fair in humid weather, but in a stuffy room where no air is moving, I panic and get claustrophobic. It is amusing to watch me rush around the office trying to find a fan or a vent of fresh air. Eventually we opened a window.

The guy with HIV in England called again to see what we were doing to get him back in the country. I know it's stupid, but I'm afraid to touch his file now.

The bf and I had a long talk last night (Too long for Convos with my BF) and settled on short skirts for me and big hugs from him. I think that sounds like an agreement we can both be happy with. I'm going shopping after work.

I had sweet and sour chicken for lunch. And then a bag of Dorito's. And two cookies Dolly made (SO GOOD).

And that's it for my Minute Report.

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Anonymous normzone said...

I agree with your boyfriend. You owe it to the world to properly utilize your natural resources - it contributes to world peace.

20/7/06 15:35  
Anonymous uncle jim said...

wow! you and your bf agreed on this?
and, as "they" say,
"Pictures at 6!"
so what do "you" say?

20/7/06 18:07  
Blogger Tara said...

What flavor of Doritos did you have? And did you have one of those snack bags or did you chow down on the large bag? Now I'm hungry for Doritos.

21/7/06 09:29  
Blogger k_sra said...

At first, as I purused the vending machine, I thought I would have the Cool Ranch Doritos which come in an overpriced $.75 bag. But then at the last second my Nacho cravings got the best of me and I braved orange fingers for the taste of cheese. : )

21/7/06 09:55  
Blogger Tara said...

Good gamble. Nacho cheese Doritos are tasty. And they charge us 75 freakin cents for the tiny bags.

21/7/06 10:42  

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