Rub My Aura!

So, ok. Got a coworker that's going to California. She's going to the fruitiest, hippy-like, new age resort center ever in the history of man. I am slightly jealous: mud baths and sing-a-longs and workshops on how my aura is mad at your aura and all that, but honestly. Do Californians realize how dumb they look? I just keep chuckling at some of the seminar names: 'Eriksonian Hypnosis and Gestalt', 'Healing with Humor: Intro to Spine Awareness', 'Sex and Sexability', 'Who's Intuitive? You Are!', and let's not ignore 'Jump for Joy! A Circus Workshop.'

The Center is called Esalen named for the Native Americans that lived there back before the Yogis' ancestors drove them off. So now that the original inhabitants of Big Sur are gone, the wonderful people of Esalen (and I'm sure they are wonderful people) are having a field day with the property. In fact I think they have actual field days where they go out and sit in a field and contemplate their spine or something. Anyways, all of you, wherever you are, take a deep breath and give yourself an Esalen moment. Indulge your inner-hippy. Ahhhh!

Last thought: What the hell is sexability?

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Blogger Tara said...

'Who's Intuitive? You Are!'

You are so intuitive! Oh yes you are!

If someone were intuitive, would they really need someone telling them that they are intuitive? Wouldn't their intuition tell them?

8/8/06 14:24  
Blogger Steve DeGroof said...

sex-ab-il-ity noun
1. the extent to which one is sexable
2. the ability to be sexed

8/8/06 14:29  
Blogger Worldgineer said...

Fabulous. I'm jealous too. Regarding the "do they realize how dumb they look?" question - they don't care. That's the first and least humorous step to spine awareness.

8/8/06 15:07  
Anonymous normzone said...

You should know that despite the light dress of my companions, fall was making it's presence known that day, and that's why I chose to wear my turban.

As for sexability, a gentleman does not kiss and tell (x3).

youojcxp: The sound my sexable aura makes when it sees your sexable aura.

8/8/06 17:23  
Anonymous uncle jim said...

if you gotta ask the question, you obviously don't have it ... but you don't have to tell anyone - just pretend, or 'fake it'!

8/8/06 21:47  
Blogger dabuheebly said...

Esalen was there as far back as I can remember. I rumbled my '68 Malibu through their parking lot a few times. It was a good place to turn around and head back for home in Monterey. Believe me, there weren't many places to turn around along the Big Sur road in those days unless you went all the way south to the Nepenthe. But who remembers the Nepenthe?

10/8/06 10:47  
Blogger half said...

Did I ever tell you that I'm from California?

10/8/06 19:50  
Blogger k_sra said...

Yeah, it figures. (rolls eyes) ; )

11/8/06 10:14  

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