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I managed to set up a PayPal donation button in the top right corner there. Nothing fancy. For those of you who would like to throw away your money on your favorite time wasting blogger, more power to you. I won't say no. As a matter of fact, for a limited time (through October), I will feature donors who wish to be so featured at the top of the blog under the title. I'll give you a fake title, like Earl of Bathwater, and post any picture you send (can be you or your cat, I don't care) in the title bar. To be fair to all my donors, I will give each a week atop the Big Board.

You are a fabulous lot and I owe you a lot more than songs and games and puzzles and knowledge!

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Anonymous uncle jim said...

i suspect you have a lot of side-line voyeurs who look regularly but never leave a comment ... and i hope they all jump on the pay-pal button and show their appreciation for this art-form.

then, of course, if you get full time employment, we suffer your lack of blogging time ... such a dilemma we have here.

6/9/06 11:34  
Blogger gnomethang said...

Because you're worth it!

6/9/06 13:46  
Anonymous normzone said...

Paypal is trying my patience, I have an email in to you at gmail asking for your street addy so I can send unmarked small bills.

fanmmuu: Like fanfic, only with music. I myself do a reasonable cover of the Serenity/Firefly theme.

9/9/06 16:12  
Blogger k_sra said...

I love small unmarked bills. Almost as much as small unmarked jims or bobs.

11/9/06 11:12  

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